The Home Buying Experience

The Home Buying Experience Clayton Homes makes it easy to buy a modular or manufactured home

Here at Clayton Homes in Boise, Idaho, our goal is to help you make the home buying process as smooth as possible. Working closely with you from designing your home to the final inspection ensures you a stress-free home buying experience.

The Home Buying Experience

The Home Buying Experience

Throughout the process, a home consultant from Clayton Homes of Boise will always be your primary contact for questions, information and help. Our professional and experienced staff will guide you through every step in the process.


Personalizing Your Home

The first step is to choose a home. Choose from one of the dozen homes set up on our lot or customize your own floor plan from hundreds of available floor plans. We help you personalize your home with custom features to match your individual needs.



Once you know the cost of the modular or manufactured home and have filled out your sales paperwork, you’ll need to apply for your loan. It’s important to choose a bank or mortgage company that is familiar with the construction processes and techniques of the homes that we sell.


Building Your New Home

After you’ve signed the sales agreement and the financing for your purchase underway, your home consultant sends the information about your order to the home building facility. Your home consultant will begin helping you with the necessary permits for all building, plumbing, septic, electrical and anything else that the city or county will need to ensure that your home will be properly constructed.


Preparing Your Land

When selecting your home site, all obstacles and hazards should be taken care of so we can transport your home safely to your land. Ask your home consultant about our turnkey services - we can help you take care of whatever you need from land preparation to landscaping.

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Completion and Inspection

After your home has been successfully constructed on the site, either you or your home consultant will instruct the subcontractors to complete the utility connections. Then finishing crews will complete the interior trim. When your modular home or manufactured home is ready, your home center manager will take you on your final visual inspection.